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    hi friend, we're
    sharice & magan

    marketing experts and business friends

    With our entrepreneur spirits, we bonded over our views of the old-school marketing tactics and the desperate need in our industry to not only change the way we all learn, work, and market; but also to help be the change for more inclusivity in marketing education.

    What happens when a New Yorker and a southerner team up? Sharice, a New Yorker and Magan, a southerner born and raised in Tennessee - both understand the struggles when building a business and wanting it to thrive, not just survive. Not to mention all the millions of other details that we handle while doing all the things as we run this digital biz.

    Unlike other educators out there, you will not find fluff and old-school marketing tactics here. The OG title to our movement was #deathtothepatriarchy, how very Swiftie of us... but know that you are getting honest and real advice that will get your business from survival mode, to thrive mode. No fluff. No pressure.

    nice to meet ya!